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I am an agnostic-atheist I do not believe God exist, I will remain one till the end of time. Unless there is verifiable evidence of a new God humanity knew nothing about. I use to be a young preacher, I know every word and page of the bible.  Evolution makes much more sense to me, we did not come from monkeys but we do share a common ancestor with other primates. All humans on earth originated from the San tribe. We have different colors (pigment melanin) because some of us had a lot of sun and others in northe climates had very little sun and lived in cold climates. Europeans have defined noses because their ancestors lived in caves when they made it out of central Asia via east Africa. The DNA sequence of all humans are 99.5% similar. I can go on and on about genetics. With that I am not racist at all, in fact I see most racist as empty headed or mentally ill. All humans are beautiful. I see myself much more as a humanist, humanist are people first and very empathetic kind people. 

I look to science, there are many things humanity has accomplished and is set on achieving. Decoding our DNA to fight genetic diseases and the genetic death clock. Our new EM drive (electromagnetic drive) that can allow a craft to travel at warp speed, 30km per second. Meaning we could reach Proxima b, the most earth like planet in just a 4 year travel time. There are many earth like planets that I am looking forward to leaing more about and the many mysteries space holds. 

I am part of many groups; Trans-humanism, Singularity, and The Venus Project. You can look all of those up on Google or Youtube. The Venus Project itself calls for an end to all money our monetary system. Teaching humanity to be less violent and greedy. Using tech to build houses, electronics, and transportation. Which we already have 3d printed cars, houses, and a lot of automation already.

 It deserves a look, Jacque Fresco is a brilliant man. He has a lot of answers to pressing issues regarding humanity, truly remarkable is an understatement. I am also a Star Trek geek, I would love a peaceful high tech future. As Gene Roddenberry creator of Star Trek put it "In the 24th century there will be no hunger, there will be no greed, and all the children will know how to read" 

 My career & wealth I am an FX trader, I've been doing it since 2005. It is faster paced stocks; It's been a dream of mine since I was 13 years old. I'm highly skilled in finance, it is very easy to make a great profit with very little risk. I'm not just some wall street guy, back in the day I owned a dating website and several online retail stores. I also worked for a major supermarket while I was trading FX. I quickly became a manager and ran the wine department, it was because I liked talking to the customers. Many of them today see me as their friend, I was also very savvy with what customers bought and needed. 

This year I'm starting a small food company and supermarket of my own in Morro Bay, CA. I hope to spread out all over the state and the rest of the southwest. First impression would be that I am a very busy man but I always take a 3 day weekend. 

I do not have a bad temper, I do not yell, I am very giving, if I see someone in need I will try my best to help that person. I am not sarcastic nor do I belittle others, it's a very low form of human behavior to get off on another persons anguish. I will defend myself, you, and the people I love. It's great to have a sense of humor, my friends would describe me as being the life of the party sometimes. 

I am a deep optimist and critical thinker. I always try to find the solution or a resolution. I enjoy studying human behavior and to understand more of how life around us exist. Gratitude is most important to me, to know where I've been and where I am now humbles me and also gives me a burst of positive energy. I enjoy hiking, love gourmet food, smooth jazz festivals, and food festivals. I love watching a musician on stage, I usually have dinner while I'm listening and watching. I mostly enjoy soft rock and r&b singers also of course smooth jazz while I'm having dinner. 

Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies, its great to just look around at nature and know that we are fortunate to live on such a beautiful planet. I would like to buy a house on the island of Lanai in Hawaii. So that I can go off-roading with my Polaris dune buggy and go camping on the beach with a bond fire. Perhaps buy the Earthroamer Ford F550, it's a great and very large off-road RV. It would be a blast to have a wife and kids and really make this one of our family traditions. 

I also spend a lot of my free time reading articles on new technology, nutrition, and futurism. I am also a proud card carrying geek. I watch Star Trek series often and watch the science channel. Education is extremely important to me, I often enjoy leaing something new. It's humbling to constantly add knowledge and grow as a person.  

I love children and want a beautiful happy family. I will spoil my babies to no end, give them everything I didn't have. Best education, a father that actually talks to them, help them through their problems, spend time with them, interested in their interest and supportive of it. Plus every material thing from clothes, cars, electronics, you name it.

The best feeling as a father is to watch them grow and observe the world. I strongly will be for family vacations across the country and world.

Keeping my head on straight has made me very successful in life. When something is not working in my life I will find many actionable solutions, to solve that problem. Not look to the sky and wish it will go away. I am very responsible and someone you know will never add or create problems in the marriage. I actually get things done.

As my wife you will have access to our bank account you will never feel like you are without, if you choose to be a stay at home mom. I have a lot of respect for women and men that choose to be stay at home parents. Running a house is not easy and you need all the tools you can to keep the family afloat. It is also a very rewarding experience. 

I will always remember to show romance and do things for just us two. 

 I will never cheat, with that I've seen pictures and videos of what those horrible STD's look like. I am also germ-phobic, I do not like things that look nasty, mold, STD's, bad smells, or any other organic oddities. I will be faithful and we will always have fun even on our down days you will be in total comfort.  

I am against mental abuse and physical abuse. I was in a religion that told my mom to never leave her abusive husband. That she must submit and obey to him, that she must have actual proof if he was cheating before she could divorce him or else she would go to hell. That she was not allowed to divorce him when he was chocking and hitting her. 

I am strongly against abuse and the stupidity that justifies it. I will never own you, you are a human being. I will never accuse you of cheating because you want a girls night out or want to go on a shopping trip.

 I often ponder on how to improve my life and others around me. It is great having a pleasant environment, I live a very negative free life. I am not the boyfriend to boss you around or make you do things that you tried before and hated. I'd hate to see you in despair.

I am not an old fashioned guy, I am very forward thinking. Majority of times new ideas work better than old ones, this is why humanity will continue to advance. 

I spend time in four cities for business but I live mostly in Maui. If you love to travel and move around we are going to have a blast. These are the four cities... Morro Bay, CA; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and Maui, Hawaii. 

We will always go out together I am 31 years old so it will be awesome and relaxing things people my age enjoy doing. Mostly having dinner at one of the best restaurants, concert while eating dinner together, romantic nightly walks together, picnic on the beach, movie at home, wine and cheese tasting, shopping (I love shopping), music festivals, food festivals, beer festivals, and traveling all over the world. 

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I'm a:Male
Country:United States
City / Town:Hidden Hills, California
Marital status:single
Education:University - Some
Smoking:Non Smoker
Drinking:Rarely drinks
Have children:No
Wants children:Yes
My height:5' 11"
My Weight:89kg
Hair color:black
Eye color:brown
ethnicity:black/African descent
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